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 Drums for Dummies
Drums for Dummies

Jeff Strong
For Dummies
September 15, 2001
(in inches): 0.89 x 9.54 x 7.06
(in inches): 0.89 x 9.54 x 7.06
(in inches): 0.89 x 9.54 x 7.06

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You've got learn how to use it! Drumming is universal; every musical culture in the world incorporates percussion. From just tapping a straight 4/4 beat with your foot to follow the radio, to the intricate polyrhythms of a West African ensemble, the possibilities of keeping time are limitless. If you just can't stop yourself from banging on cans with bent twigs, rolling your fingertips on the kitchen table, or twirling an imaginary drumstick in the air when the radio plays"Sweet Home Alabama" the only question is, how to get started?

Drums For Dummies takes you from the basics of what makes a drum right through how to carry a solo on a full kit. Whether you're a budding Buddy Rich or a rising Ringo Starr, you'll benefit from author Jeff Strong's straight-ahead guidance on:

  • Rhythm
  • Technique
  • Drum sets
  • Other drums
  • World beats
  • Styles
  • Grooves Fills
Keeping the musical notation simple for total beginners, this book nonetheless delves into a wide range of music, allowing you to both sample forms of rhythm from across the globe and lay down a foundation in rock, funk, jazz, blues, and latin. At the same time, you'll find out about the right way to splash a cymbol, kick a bass, slap a conga, scrape an udu, or ring the agogo bells. You'll also discover:
  • How to choose and tune your drums
  • Backbeats and syncopations
  • Drummers you should know about
  • Rattles, bells, and other such percussion instruments
  • How to get a feel for pulse and meter How to get a feel for pulse and meter
An accompanying CD works closely with the book to bring its exercises straight to your ear, while illustrations show how to hold and strike a huge range of instruments. With a fun, easy-to-understand tone that leaves the standard, dry musical method - speak in the dust, Drums For Dummies will have you shaking, rattling, and rolling in no time.


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