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Beyond Power Chords
Beyond Power Chords, Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!
Acoustic Guitar
Each issue contains a mix of instructional articles and music transcriptions, interviews with artists, recording reviews and articles on instrument care and design.
Bass Player Magazine
Bass Player is a magazine for serious musicians who play the electric bass and/or acoustic upright bass.
Church Pianist
Church music periodical. Includes preludes, offertories, and postludes.
Classical Guitar
If you play classical guitar then you must subscribe to this magazine
Magazine for the project recording and sound industry.
Guitar One Magazine
Specifically targeted to guitarists who really want to improve their playing skills.
Guitar Player
Published for amateur, semi-pro, and professional guitar players in the rock, blues, classical, flamenco, jazz, pop, fusion, country and new age fields.
Guitar Techniques
A purely instructional guitar magazine. It features transcriptions of the hot guitar tracks and lessons in many styles and all in easy-to-read tablature, All the music is supported by a cover-mounted CD.
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Make better music through technology, be it state-of-the-art Multimedia gear, MIDI, desktop digital recording systems
The entire spectrum of audio and music: studio recording, live-sound production, sound for picture and multimedia, digital audio technology, facility design and constructionů
Modern Drummer
A publication for drummers and percussionists.
The Musician's Atlas 2003
Much more than a phone book directory, this comprehensive 368 - page annual resource includes detailed contact information for thousands of key music industry contacts in over 28 essential categories
Opera News
News & reviews of opera companies worldwide, productions, hi-fi equipment, performers, records, travel & information on telecasts & radio broadcasts from the Metropolitan Opera.
Performing Songwriter
Covers everything from finding inspiration to the tools necessary for songwriters to get their music on stage, in the studio, and into the hands of listeners.
Piano Journal
Includes interviews with distinguished pianists and pedagogues, articles on repertoire, profiles of pianists and teachers, articles on teaching, examinations, festivals and music reviews.
Recording Magazine
The magazine musicians depend upon to make better recordings
Remix is the magazine devoted to making and producing underground music
Rolling Stone
Regular features cover state-of-the-art audio and electronics columns, record reviews, reader correspondence, interviews and photojournalism features
Strings is the magazine for players of bowed stringed instruments.
Each issue is filled with reviews, music-related books, technology, travel & culture
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