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Beyond Power Chords
Beyond Power Chords, Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!

Download Midi Files - Midipedia offers the download of more than 1'600 legal midi files free of charge

Advanced Midi Users Guide
An advanced guide to MIDI
Cakewalk Power!
Written for the beginning and intermediate user, this book explains the differences between the different Cakewalk products (Pro Audio, Professional and Home Studio) and guides users through a hands-on project.
Cakewalk SONAR: Plug-Ins & PC Music Recording, Arrangement, and Mixing
Detailed guide to the many functions of Cakewalk SONAR
Cutting Edge Web Audio
Presents all you need to know to deploy highquality audio on the Web, from creating content to choosing formats-and beyond.
Guitar Synth and Midi
Here is the first book to explain the new guitar revolution in both theory and practice.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sound Blaster
Learn how to use the Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Pro soundcards.
Maximum MIDI : Music Applications in C++
This book is the programmer's definitive source of information for developing MIDI-based Windows 95 applications.
Midi Survival Guide
Gives practical on how to start, set up and end with a working MIDI system.
Midi (Quick Start)
Easy to read and provides all the answers on midi
Mind over Midi/for Musicians of All Levels, a Guide to the Creative Applications and Theory of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface
A practical introduction into MIDI
Multi-Track Recording for Musicians (Keyboard Magazine Library for Electronic Musicians)
An up-to-date volume designed to take you from set-up to mixdown.
Sound Advice on MIDI Production
This book will help you produce more powerful and impressive recordings through a deeper understanding of MIDI.
Soundblaster : Making Waves With Multimedia
A tutorial on using Sound Blaster hardware and software.
The Computer Music Tutorial
A comprehensive text and reference that covers all aspects of computer music
The Incredible Sound Machine : Unleash the Sound Capabilities of Your MacIntosh Computer
Experiment with the exciting sound-making capabilities of the new generation Macintosh.
Wizoo Guide Logic Audio Windows 4 : How to Turn Your Computer into a Digital Studio
Learn about the best hardware for the job, how to boost performance and make the most of plug-ins, EQs and more
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