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Beyond Power Chords
Beyond Power Chords, Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!
Algorithms, Complexity Analysis and Vlsi Architectures for Mpeg-4 Motion Estimation
MPEG-4 is the multimedia standard for combining interactivity, natural and synthetic digital video, audio and computer-graphics.
Inside Windows Media : Learn to Combine Video, Audio, and Still Images to Create Streaming Media
Inside Windows Media Technologies provides an end-to-end solution for creating and streaming multimedia content
Internet World Guide to Webcasting: the Complete Guide to Broadcasting on the Web
This book is a complete guide to broadcasting on the Web.
Kris Jamsa's Starting with MP3 : Streaming Audio, Video, Multimedia, and Other Cutting-Edge Software
Kris Jamsa’s Starting with MP3 will teach you how to harness the multimedia power of the Web to do fascinating, fun, and useful things.
Mp3 and the Infinite Digital Jukebox : A Step-By-Step Guide to Accessing and Downloading Cd-Quality Music from the Internet
The book offers clear and simple instructions on how and where to find all the necessary applications for getting instant musical gratification from the new online music devices on the market.
MP3 Underground
A brief, non-technical explanation of MP3 and Napster and their benefits
Mpeg Video : Compression Standard (Digital Multimedia Standards Series)
This book gives the professional and student one place to look for answers and guidance on MPEG.
Mpeg 2
This book first outlines the major applications of MPEG, and explains the fundamentals of compression.
The Computer Music Tutorial
A comprehensive text and reference that covers all aspects of computer music
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