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Beyond Power Chords
Beyond Power Chords, Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!
101 Ways to Promote Yourself
Raleigh Pinskey offers you a crash course on how to get the attention you need.
2003 Recording Industry Sourcebook
Your #1 source for industry contact information, containing over 15,000 listings in more than 67 categories + CD-ROM
2004 Recording Industry Sourcebook
The Recording Industry Sourcebook is the leading music business and production directory.
All Area Access : Personal Management for Unsigned Musicians
This book is your road map. It tells you what you need to know and to do, step-by-step, to market your act and your music.
Breaking into the Music Business
Complete guide to the business end of the music industry.
Creative Music Production, Joe Meek's Bold Techniques
This special book has been years in the making, and promises to be the definitive title on the music career of Joe Meek
Electronic Music Pioneers
This book tells the exciting stories of the people and inventions that revolutionized the musical sound palette
Everything You'd Better Know About the Record Industry
How to find success in the music business and how to make money doing it.
The Complete Guide to Game Audio: For Composers, Musicians, Sound Designers, and Game Developers
Step by step instructions on creating audio for video and computer games
Gigorama Soloflight 1.0, The Complete Management Software for Performing Musicians
In this industry, it’s imperative to learn how to manage your band and gain a real sense of control over your own music career
Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook: 201 Self-Promotion Ideas for Songwriters, Musicians & Bands
The famous guide to independent music success secrets, featuring more than 175 ways to thrive and prosper with your own music
Handbook for Sound Engineers, Third Edition
Huge 1552 page advanced level handbook for sound engineer's
High Visibility : The Making and Marketing of Professionals into Celebrities
This book shows how the same techniques used to market individuals into celebrities can be used by any company.
Hit Men : Power Brokers & Fast Money Inside the Music Business.
Hit Men is the shocking, highly controversial expose of the venality, greed, and corruption of many of the assorted kingpins and hustlers who rule over the music industry
How To Be Your Own Booking Agent And Save Thousands Of Dollars
Great book for any band or musician that wants to organize their own gigs
How to Make Money Scoring Soundtracks and Jingles
This authoritative guide will show you exactly how to write and sell your original soundtrack music and jingles.
I Hate the Man Who Runs This Bar : The Survival Guide for Real Musicians
This is the survival guide for real musicians. Have you ever been stiffed by a club owner? Gone on a disastrous tour?
I Hate the Man Who Runs This Bar!
Eugene Chadbourne discusses his experiences in his 20+ year career as an independent musician.
International Dictionary of Broadcasting and Film
A comprehensive guide to professional filmmaking and broadcasting terminology.
Kiss and Sell : The Making of a Supergroup
A behind-the-scenes look at the convergence of hard rock and business. This is the tell-all account of how images are built, money is made and profits are spent.
Legal Aspects of the Music Industry: An Insider's View
In-depth discussion of every important music industry contract
Making It in the Music Business : The Business and Legal Guide for Songwriters and Performers
This book is a business and legal guide for songwriters and performers.
Making Music Your Business : A Guide for Young Musicians
This book is designed to help musicians of all styles and levels understand how to manage the business side of their career.
The Mixing Engineer's Handbook
All the tricks of the top recording engineers revealed
Moneymaking Music, Your Complete Guide to Making, Keeping, Protecting and Growing Your Music-Success Fortune
Your complete guide to making, keeping, protecting and expanding your music business fortune.
Music Business Handbook & Career Guide : Ascap Award Winner
Covers everything from financial management to insider's tips on breaking into various music industry careers.
Music (Careers Without College)
Describes the specific requirements, talents and skills, on-the-job responsibilities for jobs in music
Music Copyright for the New Millennium
The 21st century promises to be the greatest period of growth in musical expression the world has ever known…
Music in the Marketplace
You will appreciate this detailed review of the business of popular music.
Music Publishing, The Real Road to Music Business Success Fifth Edition
Guide for people starting or operating a music publishing company
The Musician's Atlas 2003
Much more than a phone book directory, this comprehensive 368 - page annual resource includes detailed contact information for thousands of key music industry contacts in over 28 essential categories
Networking in the Music Business
The advertising director for the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase, a 20-year veteran of the industry, tells what songwriters and performers need to know about
Parental Advisory: Music Censorship in America
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Music Your Parents Never Wanted You To Hear
Reality Check, Priceless Advice for Musicians
Reality Check is the first book that gives a completely honest look at what success is in today's recording industry… and the smart steps a musician can take to get there.
Remix, The Electronic Music Explosion
Remix is an exciting global look at this rapidly growing segment of the music industry.
Rhythm and the Blues : A Life in American Music
Atlantic Records partner and producer, Jerry Wexler, talks about the music business
The Self-Promoting Musician
Take charge of your career with these do-it-yourself strategies for independent music success!
Sight for Sound : Design & Music Mixes
Singing the praises of great graphics produced for the music industry, this lively volume presents the full spectrum of product, packaging, and promotion design.
Control Systems for Live Entertainment, Second Edition
Essential information for technicians, engineers and designers interested in how to control systems and computers which are used in the live entertainment arena
The Complete Guide to House Concerts, And Other Satisfying Alternative Venues
House concerts and other alternative venues are the real ways to make money as a gigging act.
The Global Jukebox : The International Music Industry
Comprehensive study of the international industry which produces, markets and distributes popular music.
The Internet Publicity Guide : How to Maximize Your Marketing and Promotion in Cyberspace
This book describes the principles of interactive marketing and offers effective strategies for businesses and individuals.
The Music Business (Explained in Plain English) : What Every Artist & Songwriter Should Know to Avoid Getting Ripped Off!
Finally, a book written for artists and songwriters that explains the music business in a concise, straightforward and easy-to-understand manner!
The Real Deal : How to Get Signed to a Record Label from A to Z
Any artist in popular music looking to land a record deal will want to get the complete score from this vital industry resource
The Rock Band Handbook : Everything You Need to Know to Get a Band Together and Take It on the Road
Many dream of making successful careers in the world of rock music, but too few guides impart the basics of how to do it.
This Business of Artist Management
The authoritative, standard reference on artist management in the music industry.
The Ultimate Survival Guide to the New Music Industry: A Handbook for Hell
Industry veteran Justin Goldberg tells musicians, songwriters and budding moguls what they should be doing to succeed in the new world of music
World Wide Web Marketing : Integrating the Internet into Your Marketing Strategy
This a non-technical guide to Web marketing strategies.
You Can Hype Anything : Creative Tactics and Advice for Anyone With a Product, Business or Talent to Promote
Creative Tactics and Advice for Anyone With a Product, Business or Talent to Promote.
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