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Beyond Power Chords
Beyond Power Chords, Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!

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A DSP Primer : With Applications to Digital Audio and Computer Music
Introduction to digital signal processing, emphasizing digital audio and applications to computer music
Anatomy of a Home Studio
Scott Wilkinson from Electronic Musician bridges the information gap between beginner and high-end user.
Audio Engineer's Reference Book
Reference on all aspects of audio engineering and technology
Basic Digital Recording
A basic guide to digital recording.
Basic Effects & Processors
A basic guide to effects and processors.
Basic Home Studio Design
A basic guide to home studio design.
Basic Mastering
A basic gudie to mastering.
Basic MIDI
Paul White covers the basics of MIDI and MIDI equipment.
Basic Mixing Techniques
A basic guide to mixing techniques.
Behind the Glass : Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits
Here are some inside tips on the recording process, as explained by the experts.
Cakewalk Power!
Written for the beginning and intermediate user, this book explains the differences between the different Cakewalk products (Pro Audio, Professional and Home Studio) and guides users through a hands-on project.
Cutting Edge Web Audio
Presents all you need to know to deploy highquality audio on the Web, from creating content to choosing formats-and beyond.
DVD Demystified
A complete guide to Digital Video Disk, DVD, technology: how it works, what it is, and how to use it
Magazine for the project recording and sound industry.
Getting into Digital Recording : Digital Audio Basics, Operations, Applications
This book will remove the mystery of the process and explain how it works.
A Musician's Guide to Pro Tools
Guide designed to help beginners get off the ground quickly with Pro Tools
Handbook for Sound Engineers, Third Edition
Huge 1552 page advanced level handbook for sound engineer's
Hard Disk Recording for Musicians
A complete guide to computer-based audio technology.
How to Run a Recording Session
This great book will guide you through the often puzzling process of a recording session by providing better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the engineer, producer and artist in a clear, relational way
Inside Windows Media : Learn to Combine Video, Audio, and Still Images to Create Streaming Media
Inside Windows Media Technologies provides an end-to-end solution for creating and streaming multimedia content
Interactive Music Handbook : The Definitive Guide to Internet Music Strategies, Enhanced Cd Production and Business Development
This is the first book of its kind to divulge the specifics of making and marketing interactive music.
International Dictionary of Broadcasting and Film
A comprehensive guide to professional filmmaking and broadcasting terminology.
Internet World Guide to Webcasting: the Complete Guide to Broadcasting on the Web
This book is a complete guide to broadcasting on the Web.
Making the Ultimate Demo: From Electonic Musician
This book is designed to help you in every stage of the process, from setting up your studio, through recording and mixing, to getting your tape into the right industry hands.
The entire spectrum of audio and music: studio recording, live-sound production, sound for picture and multimedia, digital audio technology, facility design and constructionů
Modern Radio Production: Production, Programming, and Performance
Discusses how to use equipment and techniques to achieve the best effects, create messages, and communicate ideas to listeners.
Modular Digital Multitracks -Revision 2nd Edition
Designed to help recording artists get maximum results from a minimal amount of gear
Multi-Track Recording
An introduction and guide to the latest equipment, how it works and how to use it.
Multi-Track Recording for Musicians (Keyboard Magazine Library for Electronic Musicians)
An up-to-date volume designed to take you from set-up to mixdown.
Musician's Guide to Home Recording : How to Make Great Recordings at Home
Covers all you need to know about recording your own record.
A text for anyone interested for using oscilloscopes for work or hobbies, including those in industry doing test and measurement.
Principles of Digital Audio
An introductory text with lucid explanations on Digital Audio
Professional Microphone Techniques
Covers different microphones and placement technique's.
Radio Production : A Manual for Broadcasters
A complete working handbook on every aspect of producing radio programmes to a professional standard
Recording Magazine
The magazine musicians depend upon to make better recordings
Sonar Power!
This in-depth reference focuses on how to help the professional and home-hobbyist musician make composing and recording sessions run smoothly.
Sound Advice on Developing Your Home Studio
Get the most out of your home studio with this book and CD!
Sound Advice on Microphone Techniques
Professional-sounding recordings start with a great sound source, informed microphone selection and excellent technique.
Sound Advice on Mixing
If you want your mixes to sound great, even next to your favorite commercial release of your favorite artist, you need this book and CD!
Sound Studio Construction on a Budget
Build your own recording studio, home theater, and more--even if you're on a shoestring budget!
Sound Forge Power!
A guide to using Sound Forge 5.0 and Sound Forge XP 5.0
Sound Forge 6 Power!
Informative guide to Soundforge 6 of both beginning and intermediate users
Studio Monitoring Design : A Personal View
Examples from professional systems and rooms used today
Synchronization : From Reel to Reel : A Complete Guide for the Synchronization of Audio, Film & Video
A complete guide for the synchronization of audio, film & video.
Control Systems for Live Entertainment, Second Edition
Essential information for technicians, engineers and designers interested in how to control systems and computers which are used in the live entertainment arena
TechTV's Secrets of the Digital Studio: Insider's Guide to Desktop Recording
Learn to turn your PC into a recording studio
The Audiopro Home Recording Course : A Comprehensive Multimedia Audio Recording Text
This essential complement to the first book in this series and required reading for anyone who is conscientious about recording the right way
The AudioPro Home Recording Course, Volume 1
This book is accompanied by two CDs full of information and audio examples, and the text is complemented by hundreds of illustrations to make learning as painless as possible.
The AudioPro Home Recording Course, Volume 2
Required reading for anyone who is conscientious about recording the right way.
The Billboard Guide to Home Recording
Comprehensive reference for the thousands of musicians--professional and amateur--who record out of their homes.
The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide : How to Get the Best Possible Drum Tracks on Any Recording Project (The Studio Series)
All you ever wanted to know about getting the right sound when recording.
The Expert Encyclopedia of Recording
Veteran music journalist Rick Clark conducted hundreds of in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in the industry to create this extraordinary title
The Handbook of Field Recording
Getting a good recording in the field is still one of the most challenging tasks in the recording industry
The Little Audio CD Book
The ultimate guide to recording audio CDs, from simply copying a CD, to making a compilation of your favorite songs from your existing CDs
The Musician's Home Recording Handbook : Practical Techniques for Recording Great Music at Home
This is the ideal handbook for musicians who want to make high-quality recording at home.
The Studio Business Book
You'll get in-depth, detailed, specific information on ALL aspects of putting together and managing a recording studio
Timecode : A User's Guide
Time-and-Control Codes for film and videotape applications.
Understanding and Servicing Cd Players
This book is designed as a bench-side companion and guide to the principles involved in repairing and adjusting CD players.
Wizoo Guide Cubase VST PlugIns
A guide to the grooviest plug-ins for a widely diverse range an in-depth explanation, reliable ratings and practical tips.
Wizoo Guide Logic Audio Windows 4 : How to Turn Your Computer into a Digital Studio
Learn about the best hardware for the job, how to boost performance and make the most of plug-ins, EQs and more
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