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Beyond Power Chords
Beyond Power Chords, Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level!
500 Songwriting Ideas (For Brave and Passionate People)
Ever had writer's block? Ever thought you had an award-winning song right on the tip of your tongue and then lost it?
750 Songwriting Ideas, (For Brave and Passionate People)
A best-selling book with huge ideas about how to write better songs
88 Songwriting Wrongs & How to Right Them
Improve your song writing skills.
A Musician's Dictionary
A Dictionary for musicians
And Then I Wrote : The Songwriter Speaks
This is a fascinating collection of anecdotes and quotations from well-known songwriters, past and present, that attempts to demystify the songwriting process.
Angry Blonde
Eminem' delivers a provocative collection of his uncensored lyrics, complete with personal commentary
Creating an Imaginative Life
Michael Jones shares the process of his creative evolution and invites readers to explore the dimension of creativity in their own lives.
Creating Melodies : A Songwriter's Guide to Understanding, Writing and Polishing Melodies
Beginning songwriters as well as experienced ones wishing to enhance their ability to compose tuneful melodies can turn to Weissman's primer.
Essential Songwriters Rhyming Dictionary : Most Practical and Easy to Use Reference
This pocket-sized dictionary is an easy-to-use tool geared specifically toward the contemporary songwriter.
Hip Hoptionary: The Dictionary of Hip Hop Terminology
Dictionary of hip-hop terminology, as well as guides to hip-hop fashion, books, drinks and more
How to Make a Good Song a Hit Song : Rewriting and Marketing Your Lyrics and Music
Whether your songs need rewriting, polishing, or promoting, Leikin has the right prescription.
How to Make Money Scoring Soundtracks and Jingles
This authoritative guide will show you exactly how to write and sell your original soundtrack music and jingles.
How to Write a Hit Song : The Complete Guide to Writing and Marketing Chart Topping Lyrics & Music
Here is the only complete guide to composing lyrics and music - and getting your songs on the air.
Performing Songwriter
Covers everything from finding inspiration to the tools necessary for songwriters to get their music on stage, in the studio, and into the hands of listeners.
Successful Lyric Writing : A Step-By-Step Course and Workbook
The only practical self-contained lyric writing course available in book form, with an introduction to principles and techniques.
The Craft of Lyric Writing
Learn through successful techniques to write lyrics with timeless appeal. Based on an acclaimed series of seminars and workshops.
The Songwriter's Guide to Collaboration
Carter offers an insightful look at how to find a partner, sharing success and rejection, where to get ideas, and much more.
The Songwriter's Idea Book : 40 Strategies to Excite Your Imagination, Help Your Design Distinctive Songs, and Keep Your Creative Flow
This book reveals the inherent relationship between personality type, brain function and writing style. Includes 40 proven songwriting strategies.
You Can Write a Song
This complete songwriting studio is all you need to begin writing songs like a pro.
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